Behind the plate with Arden Pabst ’13

Starting catcher Arden Pabst ’13 is committed to play college baseball at Georgia Tech.  However, he is not certain if he will be playing in Atlanta next year.  With the Major League Baseball amateur draft coming up, Pabst will soon be faced with a big decision: whether to take the potential six figure signing bonus and sign with a major league club or to play baseball through his junior season at one of the ACC’s top baseball programs.

Q: What has been the most memorable part of playing high school baseball?

A: Just being able to play baseball with really good friends each day has been a lot of fun. The time spent with my team has just been great.

Q: What factors have contributed to the baseball program’s rise and national success during your time here?

A: Coach [Matt] LaCour came here. He knew how to make this program one of the top powerhouses in the county and he just hammered it into the players and players bought in. He had a goal, he had a mission, to make this the top program in the country and he has really succeeded at that.

Q: What does being the best team in the country mean to the team?

A: It’s cool to think about that, being number one in the nation, but at the same time it doesn’t mean anything right now. So, we just have to go out and take care of business. Right now it’s just a cool stat that doesn’t mean anything.

Q: What made Georgia Tech such an enticing option for you?

A: I went there, met the coaches and really liked them. It will give me a lot opportunities playing in the ACC.

Q: What will go into making the decision of whether to play professional baseball or play college baseball in the ACC at Georgia Tech?

A: It really comes down to how much they offer you. Because if they invest a lot of money in you, then you are going to get more opportunities. And they want to make sure they get as much out of you. So, it’s going to come down to the offer.

Q: Can you talk about the lifestyle of playing baseball in the Minors and what you expect it to be like?

A:It’s definitely a really tough lifestyle. You’re not making a lot of money, you’re on the road a lot. But you get to play baseball every single day. So, that is what I want to do. Playing baseball every day is the most fun you can have. People talk about it like it is going to be a tough lifestyle. Yeah, it’s pretty tough, but I can play baseball every day, so it would be a ton of fun.