Head Fanatics announced for next year

Chronicle Staff

Bakari Bolden ’14, Jonathan Felker ’14, Jordan Gutierrez ’14, Connor Kalantari ’14 and Michael Sheng ’14 will serve as the Head Fanatics for the 2013-2014 school year, previous Head Correy King ‘13 announced via the Fanatics’ Facebook page Tuesday.

King described the new select group as the “craziest” fanatics that he has seen after noticing them at nearly every major sports event last season.

“I found out yesterday but I had a good idea that I would be one. I was excited to know I’d be a Head Fanatic with my best friends,” Kalantari said.

The Head Fanatics handle the responsibilities of upholding a high level of school spirit and  keeping the student body’s intrigue in major sporting events.

“I’m sure when we have some time to think about it, we will think of a lot of new things and activities, but for now we will keep up the spirit that last years head fanatics maintained throughout the whole year,” Bolden said.

“Ultimately it’s up to everyone to decide to come to games, but we’re just hoping to encourage as many people to show up to game and make them as fun as possible,” Kalantari added.