Kwaisi France joins HW Works program


Chloe Park/Chronicle

Kwaisi France sits at his desk in his new position of Director of the HW Works program. France has worked at several independent schools.

Christopher Mo and Chloe Park

Kwaisi France joined the Upper School as the new Director of the HW Works program, which provides summer programs and internship opportunities for students and alumni Jan. 3. 

France has served as a teacher, department chair, program developer and mentor at various independent schools such as Saint Francis Academy in Baltimore. France said he looks forward to assisting students through HW Works and encourages students to sign up for these opportunities. 

“I come from a family of educators where we strongly believe in learning something and teaching others,” France said. “Being a role model and resource for students from historically disadvantaged and marginalized backgrounds, many of whom did not have access to Black men that knew what it took to graduate from a competitive independent school nor a highly selective college, was something I felt I had to do. My academic background coupled with my professional experience allowed me to provide guidance and insight into the work we had to do building out the school.”

France said he hopes to help guide students in their future endeavors by ensuring that all students will be able to find programs.

“The goal is to have everybody signed up so everyone can hopefully secure the internship, externship, job or summer program,” France said. “They want to provide a rewarding experience which will hopefully establish a career interest that will both boost [their] college profile and provide guidance to students following in [their] trajectory in the long term.”

France said he is passionate about helping students find a summer program that will improve their college applications. 

“My job is to make sure you are doing something you want to be doing that is meaningful and worthwhile in the summer that will hopefully lead to meaningful professional connections in a career which will boost your college profile in the short term,” France said. “If not, you will at least know what you don’t want to do and there is value in that as well.”