Prefect Council hosts Joe’s Pizza truck


Ella Yadegar/Chronicle

Echo Caise ’24 and Izzy Kashper ’24 stand near Joe’s Pizza Truck while eating their pizza.

Ella Yadegar

Prefect Council hosted a Joe’s Pizza truck on the Quad during break and lunch on Thursday for February’s Food Truck Friday. The truck served both cheese and pepperoni pizza for $5.00 a slice.

Prefect Council started Food Truck Fridays in November 2021, and since then has brought the WAFL truck and the Rice Balls of Fire truck to campus.

Aaron Moradi ’24 said he liked the pizza truck and has enjoyed all of the trucks so far because they provide variety for students’ lunch options.

“I think the Food Truck Friday concept is really good for bonding in the school community,” Moradi said. “It’s exciting for everyone to see the new types of food [Prefect Council] brings each month, [as] opposed to the regular cafeteria food.”

Olivia Suddleson ’24 said although she enjoys Food Truck Fridays, she wishes students could get a say in the types of trucks that the Prefects bring to campus.

“I think the food from the trucks are usually pretty good,” Suddleson said. “But I would want maybe something that I can’t get otherwise, because I can get pizza at any time. I think Prefect Council should send out food truck polls to let students decide which kind of food they want brought to campus.”

Due to the large number of students who wanted to purchase pizza, many had to wait in line at the truck for much of the lunch period. Prefect Council eventually had to shut down the line and refund some students who were not able to get their pizza by the time the next period started.

Junior Prefect Aiko Offner ’23, who helped organize the event, said that the Prefects will aim to have transparency with future vendors to ensure that they can provide the food in the tight time frame.

“Obviously 50 minutes is incredibly short for food trucks when providing 200-300 servings, but we don’t want any more instances where people wait and don’t get their food, or barely have time to eat,” Offner said. “Another option we’re considering is having popular but slower food trucks available for the whole day, during both breaks and lunch, to ensure that lines are reasonable and all students who want the food truck can get it.”