Prefect Council offers Valentine’s Day treats


Iona Lee/Chronicle

Alex Adishian ’23 and Asha Haley ’23 enjoy their bundt cakes provided by Prefect Council.

Iona Lee

Prefect Council organized a stand called Cupid’s Corner where students could buy roses or enjoy a free mini bundt cake on Monday.

Valentine’s Day is a tradition originating from the death of St. Valentine and has been historically celebrated to honor love. Senior Prefect Hailey Hubbard ’22 said the event spread love and appreciation through campus.

“Valentine’s Day is about celebrating those you love, in whatever way you love them,” Hubbard said. “We thought giving out free and, might I add, delicious bundt cakes would be a nice way to let students know they are loved and appreciated here on campus. We also thought the idea of buying a flower for someone else was really cute and another way to spread the love.”

Zoe Roth ’24 said she enjoyed Prefect Council’s efforts to brighten her day.

“I thought it was cute,” Roth said. “I bought a rose for a friend, and of course I loved the free bundt cakes. Even though I was just getting a friend a rose, I thought it was nice, and it felt good to have something little and [sweet] that day”

According to Hubbard, the goal of the event was to improve students’ days. She said the event was a pleasant way to foster joy across campus.

“Prefect Council decided to organize the event to try and bring some cheer to campus,” said Hubbard. “I think it was just a nice and unexpected, yet necessary pick-me-up for everyone. I loved seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they saw the free bundt cakes.”

Gus Mingst ’23 said he appreciates the level of involvement Prefect Council has been exhibiting and enjoyed the event.

“I thought it was cool,” Mingst said. “I like bundt cakes. It was nice to be able to get one for free in the Valentine spirit. We’ve had a lot of [Prefect Council organized] events for a lot of different things, and it was nice to go in for Valentine’s Day. Obviously, free food is always nice, and I appreciate what the Prefect Council is doing.”