MUN team wins awards at Marymount


Georgia Goldberg/Chronicle

Model United Nations (MUN) students pose in their formal attire while in a break at their conference at Marymount High School. Several delegates from the school secured awards at the end of the conference.

Jackson Mayer

Members of the Model United Nations (MUN) team competed in a tournament hosted by Marymount High School on March 14. Competitors took on the roles of United Nations delegates, representing various countries and resolving diplomatic issues.

Leo Craig ’24 and Alex Lee ’24 won Best Delegate awards, Zoe Kramar ’24 won an Outstanding Delegate award and Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor Georgia Goldberg ’23, Lila Daoudi ’24 and Jake Lancer ’24 earned Verbal Commendations.

Craig said the small size of the Marymount tournament made interacting with other delegates easier, which helped him win his first award in MUN.

“The conference had small committee sizes, with only 22 delegates in my committee, making it much easier to communicate with other delegates and speak about my country’s positions on the topic,” Craig said. “I was very excited and glad to win a Best Delegate award in my committee. It was the first award I’ve won in my MUN career, and I tried to speak as much as possible in my committee.”

Vourakis said she enjoyed the camaraderie within the committees, as she was able to communicate easier with fellow delegates and become personally acquainted with them.

“I got to know some people who live in the LA area, and I liked how the committees were a little smaller,” Vourakis said. “This allowed me to be able to converse with all of the delegates and really understand their policies.”

Vourakis said she appreciated representing Canada because of the nation’s stance on women’s healthcare rights.

“Although the system isn’t perfect, Canada does have a history of championing women’s rights to equality in healthcare,” Vourakis said. “I was able to focus some of my research on the accessibility of healthcare for women in indigenous groups in Canada, which was really interesting.”

Daoudi said she joined MUN because of her interest in global diplomacy and foreign affairs.

“I got into MUN because I really enjoy international relations, politics and diplomacy,” Daoudi said. “My country was Denmark, a really advanced and progressive nation, so I was able to use its ideas and try to apply them to other nations.”