New restaurants and stores launch at Sportsmen’s Lodge


SWEET TOOTH: A new location of Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe, a family-owned Los Angeles candy shop chain, began selling a variety of different candies to customers over the summer.

William Liu and Hannah Shahidi

HiHo Cheeseburger, Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe, All Birds and UOVO opened near the upper school campus at The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge complex over the summer.

Aside from new restaurants, Reformation, a clothing store, and Rolling Greens, a retail chain that sells plants are also expected to open soon.

Other restaurants expected to open are Kismet Rotisserie, a casual restaurant that serves poultry and local vegetables, Civil Coffee, a cafe serving craft coffee, espresso and pastries and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, a French ice cream shop.

Aviv Pilipski ’25 said the new shops and restaurants will make the complex more appealing to both upper school students and Studio City residents.

“Since there are more trendy shops and accessible places to eat for our age group, I would definitely say the new shops and restaurants will help connect the school community,” Pilipski said. “[The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge] can be a great place because there are all kinds of dining options, and many of the places are catered towards teenagers.”

Pilipski said the popularity of new establishments may decline after an initial spike, but the new shops will keep many interested.

“Even though the hype around these new restaurants is going to inevitably wear off, the plaza is quickly expanding and adding new restaurants and shop [options],” Pilipski said. “It will be a fresh spot for students to socialize aside from school. As an incoming sophomore, I personally find that I will probably be trying the new options out with my friends.”

Erewhon, a grocery store, opened at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in November and was soon joined by Tocaya Modern Mexican, which serve salads, tacos, burritos, bowls and quesadillas, and SUGARFISH, which serves traditional sushi dishes. Following these restaurant openings last year, Prefect Council announced student discounts for Erewhon and Tocaya Modern Mexican for 10 percent off.

Studio City resident Zoe Roth ’24 said she is looking forward to having more shops and restaurants in the area.

“I am excited to browse,” Roth said. “There are not too many stores [in Studio City] like there are in Beverly Hills or Brentwood, so I am really excited to have something like [more retail stores].”

Volleyball player Sophie Bobb ’25 said she and her teammates frequently go to The Shops at

Sportsmen’s Lodge before their club volleyball practices.

“We have volleyball practices Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6:45, and since we all stay at school until practice starts, we usually walk to The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge together and go to Tocaya [Modern Mexican] for dinner and do homework,” Bobb said. “It is really nice having such a luxurious shopping center right by school. I do think the longer it is there the more people will utilize it and it will become more popular.”

Glory Ho ’24 said the new shops and restaurants at The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge are convenient since they are very close to the Upper School and are easier to get to than other locally available options.

“A lot of times, my friends, family and I like to go [to The Shops men’s Lodge] for a quick meal,” Ho said. “Although there is not too much to do other than grab a bite, I end up liking that because since people do not take as much time there, it is easier to find parking.”

Senior Prefect Aiko Offner ’23 said she is excited to be able to visit The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge with friends during the school day.

“I am excited to be able to go off campus, and hopefully this year I can take advantage of the discounts [Prefect Council] worked to get last year,” Offner said. “I love Sportsmen’s Lodge, and it is super close, so I hope my friends and I can coordinate and go together.”