New to Netflix Summer 2022: Never Have I Ever Season 3


Illustration by Sophia Evans

Ella Yadegar

The third season of Netflix Original “Never Have I Ever” premiered Aug. 12, featuring the show’s funniest and most culturally relevant episodes to date.

In the first two seasons, viewers learn that protagonist Devi Vishwakumar is an intelligent, ambitious teenage girl self-conscious about her Indian-American culture, nerd status at school and the grief she experiences from the recent death of her father. Devi fears these characteristics will make her an outsider in her fictional Los Angeles high school. She attempts to boost her social standing by trying to date the most popular boy at school.

Throughout the course of the first two seasons, Devi is forced to choose between dating Paxton Hall-Yoshida, the most coveted boy at Sherman Oaks High, and Ben Gross, her academic rival in Model United Nations. Devi decides to date them both simultaneously, which leads to her heart being broken when Paxton and Ben find out she has been cheating on them both. Poor choices in her love life and friendships often leave her with messes to clean up, which probably makes viewers invested in Devi’s life.

Season three, however, portrays significant growth in the entire cast’s maturity as Devi and her friends migrate through junior year. Devi learns to be more confident and embraces her culture as an asset rather than a trait that makes her unworthy of male attention. The audience may admire her newfound self-respect, especially because Devi has spent the past two seasons attempting to reconcile with her mistakes.

The newest season also includes important commentary on cultural representation. For the first time, the show incorporates an Indian love interest for Devi. Her relationship with Des is incredibly significant as it shows viewers that Devi can also be attracted to a love interest that is not white.

Consistent with previous episodes, narrators John McEnroe and Andy Samberg amuse viewers with commentary that pokes fun at the extreme oddities of Devi and her classmates. Ben continues to be the comedic relief of the show during tense moments of arguments and Devi’s distress.

Netflix renewed “Never Have I Ever” in March for a fourth and final season, which will conclude Devi’s high school journey and her long path toward self-acceptance. Although viewers may want more seasons, the show should end before the characters leave for college to make Devi’s senior year more meaningful and to ensure the show is not drawn out.