HWPA organizes Senior Appreciation Event


Hannah Shahidi/Chronicle

Parents serve shaved ice at Senior Appreciation booth.

Hannah Shahidi

The Harvard Westlake Parent’s Association (HWPA) held the first Senior Appreciation Day for the Class of 2023 Sept. 14.

Parent volunteers passed out class sweatshirts and free shaved ice from Happy Ice to seniors on the Quad during lunch.

Emily Malkan ’23 said she enjoyed having a fun event to honor the seniors.

“I did know it was happening because we got an email, but I didn’t realize it’d be so lively on the Quad,” Malkan said. “It was a nice surprise. I love the sweatshirts. I know we [seniors] really like having something to show some school and senior spirit.”

Helena Wu ’23 said she’s excited and nervous about being a senior, and Senior Appreciation Day amplified both feelings.

“It was nice seeing all the seniors either wearing the hoodie or carrying the tote bag around,” Wu said. “It’s exciting being the oldest on campus and being able to look forward to graduation, but the college process part of senior year is scary, so [Senior Appreciation Day] solidified the general senior sense of impending doom as well as great excitement.”

HWPA Member Kerry Kennedy (Georgia ’23, Kate ’25), who volunteered at the event, said she wants to see the seniors enjoy themselves.

“I volunteered because I wanted to see the incredible Class of 2023 on the Quad and in their element,” Kennedy said. “I also wanted the seniors to know that their school community is so excited for their final year, and we are going to make it incredibly fun and memorable.”