Kings provide tickets for students

Alexander Dinh

Prefect Council announced a new partnership between the school and the Los Angeles Kings that will offer every upper school student, faculty and alumnus two free Kings tickets. The announcement, which was made Sept. 22,  listed four games to choose from.

 The Kings have a program offering schools free tickets to encourage turnout to games and build community, according to Junior Prefect and Assistant News Editor Davis Marks ’24. Recipients can pay to upgrade their seats or buy more tickets. 

Junior Prefect Nyla Shelton ’24  said the partnership will provide members of the school community with a fun experience. 

“Prefect Council is always looking for more opportunities to promote connections and bonding amongst the Harvard-Westlake community,” Shelton said. “When an idea of a partnership with the Kings first came about, we were very excited as this felt like something that would cater to students, faculty and alumni.”

Shelton said coordinating the partnership required effort. 

“Completing this partnership involved coordinating with our faculty advisors, alumni coordinators and LA Kings’ associates,” Shelton said. “We met many times to ensure this opportunity would be a hassle-free and fun opportunity for all members of the HW community.”

Nate Arnold ’25 said he is excited to spend time with his dad at his first Kings game since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve always loved going to the Kings games from such a young age with my father,” Arnold said. “I haven’t been [to a game] in a while because of COVID, but it would make me and my dad so happy, and I’m sure everyone would have the same loving experience at the Kings game.”

Cross Country and Track Coach Jonas Koolsbergen ’83 said the partnership will provide the Kings with more fans, and the school community will have an opportunity to socialize at a fun event.

“More fans is something any team is always going to enjoy at any level,” Koolsbergen said. “NHL action is exciting. Being partnered with the Kings is great for the school, and if people in the Harvard-Westlake community see each other outside of school, seeing each other at games is a good thing. ”

George Ma ’25 said he also has fond memories of going to Kings games with family.  

“I remember when I was at the Kings game with my parents and my brother,” Ma said. “It was an unreal experience in which I enjoyed spending time with my family. I would definitely like to go again if HW offered me two more tickets.”