Sophomores must arrive by start of first period no matter when their classes begin

Olivia Phillips

School policy dictates that unlike seniors and juniors, sophomores must be present on campus at 8 a.m. even if their classes start later. However, students at the middle school can arrive at any time before their classes start. This leaves sophomores as the only class at the school without this ability.

According to Upper School Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado, the policy is in place so that sophomores can get acclimated to the pace of the Upper School.

“I can tell you that the earlier one gets here, the easier it is for them to show up to class on time and be ready to participate,” Preciado said. “[This policy] decreases bad habits of coming in late.”

Dean Adam Howard and Dean of Students Jordan Church presented a variety of other reasons, such as students needing to carve out time to meet with their teachers, the school needing to be sure that everyone was accounted for and the fact that most sophomores take the bus anyways. However, these explanations prove to be more complicated when one takes into consideration that every other student also needs to get to classes on time, be accounted for, and meet with their teachers.

The Middle School Attendance & Health Coordinator Brenda Simon explained that the official process had been implemented this past year to take the necessary steps of making sure students are accounted for.

“Most of the kids have their phones set up so that as soon as they get on campus, [the app] checks them in. It gives them the opportunity to take care of [any appointments they might have], or maybe get a little more rest,” she explained. “It works to the benefit of the student as well as us, the school.”

One of the main concerns taken into consideration is that students will be unable to block out time to meet with teachers or do homework if they are not required to be at school during their free block, according to Church. However, Simon said that students have typically figured out how to manage their time well, and use their free periods if they need it.

“Most students are on campus anyways at 8 a.m,” Simon said. “I see a lot of them in the library or talking to the teachers [during their free period], so they are using their time wisely.”

Shiara Navarro ’25 said that arriving late at the middle school helped her manage her schedule and get extra sleep.

“Unless I had to study or meet with a teacher, I would just come late,” Navarro said. “Those mornings were really nice because I got so much rest and had time to get more work done. I think that sophomores should be able to [come late as well] because it can be beneficial.”