Student vocalists perform in St. Saviour’s Chapel


Students listen as vocalists perform in the first of the Lunch Time Concert Series.

Hannah Shahidi, Layout Assistant and Staff Writer

The Upper School Performing Arts Department hosted the first vocal performance of the year as part of the Lunch Time Concert Series in St. Saviour’s Chapel on Oct. 28. The showcase featured performances from Bel Canto, Wolverine Chorus, Chamber Singers and a variety of small groups and soloists.

Robles said students worked on their pieces for months leading up to their performances.

“The choral ensembles have been rehearsing during class time since the beginning of the year,” Robles said. “This was a great opportunity for them to learn what it’s like to perform in front of an audience in preparation for our major winter concert. The soloists and small ensembles were the top performers chosen from a number of students who submitted audition recordings. Those who were selected demonstrated an exceptional level of artistry and preparedness.”

Performing Arts Teacher Zanaida Robles said small concerts prepare singers for their larger performances.

“Small-scale performances are a great way to casually introduce our school audience to our music in an accessible way and at a convenient time,” Robles said. “It’s a great way for our performers to practice their skills in a low-pressure environment. The chapel is such a special and historic space with acoustics that amplify the natural beauty of the human voice. As a concert producer and artistic director, I love creating these kinds of performances.”

Chamber Singers member Cayley Tolbert-Schwartz ’24, who performed a solo, said the concert allowed students to celebrate holidays and unite the community through music.

“The concert was to celebrate holidays that have to do with darkness around Halloween time,” Tolbert-Schwartz said. “It has some themes from Día de los Muertos and other holidays around that time that carry the same theme. It’s not a space for people to perform just to perform, but instead to sing as a celebration of music. It allows people a space to express themselves and also bring together the community.”

Piper Vita ’25, who attended the concert, said she appreciated the diversity of songs in the performance.

“I really liked how many different genres of music they included in the performance and how some students even had their own songs,” Vita said. “I also liked how students got to perform their own songs individually. I remember one song in particular stood out because one of the choir members played the acoustic guitar with it.”

The Performing Arts Department is planning three more concerts in the series centered around different holidays on Dec. 13, Jan. 24 and Apr. 20. All three productions will be hosted during lunch in St. Saviors Chapel.