Stores offer discounts

Georgia Grad and Max Turetzky

Prefect Council announced the school’s restaurant discount partners in an email to students Oct. 17. The participating restaurants are located in Studio City, with discounts ranging from 5% to 15% off of purchases.

To receive their discount, students must show their school ID card at the restaurants.

In the email, Prefect Council said students should use the discounts so the participating restaurants continue to offer them in future years.

“It will prove to these restaurants that giving Harvard-Westlake students discounts is beneficial to their business,” Prefect Council said. “Seniors, we hope you take advantage of these discounts when using off-campus privileges during Lunch.”

The school first arranged deals with local restaurants  January 2020, though the arrangement was soon paused because of COVID-19. The program was brought back in the 2021-2022 school year when students returned to campus.

Junior Prefect and Assistant News Editor Davis Marks ’24 said Prefect Council revived the discount program last year to to enhance the student experience at the school.

“Last year on Prefect Council, one of our main goals was to make our student experience at Harvard-Westlake as enjoyable as possible following the pandemic,” Marks said. “Prior to the pandemic, Prefect Council offered a few discounts to local restaurants, so that was a program we hoped to bring back.”

Jack Ryan ’25 said the discounts will allow him to save money on food when he has practice after school.

“As someone who stays after school for practice a lot, I eat at restaurants around Harvard-Westlake  on a regular basis,” Ryan said. “My parents give me a budget on how much I can spend on food each week, and with these discounts, I can order and eat more, giving me more fuel for practice.”

Eden Mahoney ’25 said she was excited about the discounts  because she enjoys many of the participating restaurants.

“A lot of the school’s students like to go to those restaurants to eat, so it’s really nice that we get a discount, and it’s an incentive to go as well,” Mahoney said. “I really love McConnell’s Ice Cream and Sweetfin, which hasn’t opened up yet.”