HWPA hosts Halloween Senior Appreciation event


Justin Tang/Chronicle

Members the HW Parent Association pose at their booth on the quad.

Justin Tang

The HW Parent Association (HWPA) gave out Halloween candy and donuts to seniors on the quad Oct. 27. Additionally, the HW Parent Association will hold events for the December holiday season, Valentine’s day and a final event during the spring.

HWPA member Melanie Weinrot (Ava ’23) said these events are a way for parents to show their appreciation for seniors and their time at the school.

“[The Parent Association] put on small appreciation events for the seniors throughout the year, just to let them know that we’re proud of them and that they deserve to be honored,” Weinrot said. “[The seniors] are always very grateful, and always say thank you.”

Weinrot said that it was important for parents to recognize the seniors for their hard work at the school.

“I think it’s great that the parents take time out of their day to do this and honor the seniors because they’ve worked extremely hard during their years at [the school],” Weinrot said. “It’s a culmination of appreciation and everyone just recognizing them for their journey at [the school].”

Fernanda Herrera ’23 said she is grateful for the Senior Appreciation events during a stressful year.

“I think senior appreciation is pretty cool and I always look forward to the little things our community does to show their love to the senior class,” Hererra said. “It’s nice because the [Parent Association] doesn’t have to give us anything, and yet they still do. Especially right now during college application season, it’s nice to know our community is so supportive.”

Nathalie Paniagua ’23 said the HWPA has done an excellent job showing seniors support by giving gifts throughout the year.

“I’m grateful to the parents for running these senior appreciation days,” Paniagua said. “I think they’ve done a wonderful job supporting us with their presence and little gifts like candy bags on Halloween. I think [the gifts] really show the parents’ and the school’s appreciation for us, especially during application season.”