Student creates HW web game


Chloe Park/Chronicle

PLAYING FOR THE PRESIDENT: Ryan Pinsker ’23 plays his new game “Get Ricky C” with his friends. The game is modeled after the online game 2048 and features images of teachers and administration instead.

Iona Lee and Davis Marks

Ryan Pinsker ’23 created “Get Ricky C,” a parody of the video game “2048,” in November. “2048” is a puzzle game in which players combine a series of number tiles to reach the number 2048. In Pinsker’s version, students combine tiles with pictures of teachers to ultimately obtain a tile featuring President Rick Commons.

Pinsker said he was inspired to create a parody of “2048” after seeing other students play the game.

“I was sitting in class and people were playing 2048 and the various versions with cupcakes, people, colleges, etc.” Pinsker said. “I thought it’d be really cool to make ‘2048’ but for Harvard-Westlake, so I wanted to create a version where you have to match different teachers up instead of numbers.”

Pinsker said in addition to rotating teachers, he plans to make the game more interactive by allowing students to buy a spot at Winter Market on Dec. 14.

“Students will be able to purchase the bonus slot above Ricky C for a week at Winter Market,” Pinsker said. “There are future plans and features for ‘Get Ricky C,’ such as variations, expansion packs and versions with [specific] departments, so the fun is not over.”

Pinsker said he created “GetRicky C” with the code of “2048” and altered it using CSS and HTML code. To prevent repetition, Pinsker said he switches out the teachers featured in the game each week.

Pinsker said seeing students enjoy the game has been gratifying.

When something that you’ve made becomes popular amongst your peers and you get a lot of positive feedback about it, it’s quite exciting and flattering,” Pinsker said.

Commons said that he is happy to be featured in the game.

“I know Ryan well and I know he is a kind hearted and fun loving soul, so I assume that all of this is done with enormous joy,” Commons said. “I’m glad that it creates fun for people and I’m honored that I get to be the face of a winning score.”

To play “GetRickyC,” go to