Library coordinates student game night


Jina Jeon/Chronicle

Staying for the Gaming: Students gather in front of a screen in Munger Library to play video games and socialize with fellow gamers. The game night also featured card games, board games, and Jackbox.

Alex Lee

The Student Library Advisory Committee (SLAC) collaborated with the Tabletop Club to hold a game night in Mudd Library on Dec. 2. Students played games like Two Truths and a Lie, board games and Jackbox TV.

SLAC leader Ofek Levy ’23 said he was pleasantly surprised at how many people showed up to the event.

“The game night was so much fun because it was really a great way to unite different parts of the community,” Levy said. “There was a big diversity in the grades there, which was really nice as different grades usually don’t usually interact that much at school. It was so much fun to learn about people on a different level and have the space to learn a lot of fun things about each other.”

 Alex Aguirre ’23 said the game night was very exciting and mentally stimulating.

“It’s the strategy that I love when I play board games, there are always so many outcomes,” Aguirre said. “The luck that can be involved in a lot of games also keeps you excited throughout the whole game, so it’s a good way to exercise your brain.”

Andrea Cortes ’23 said she appreciates the personal connections that game nights can have which creates camaraderie.

“It’s a lot of fun because it brings a lot of people together, and I like playing board games a lot because they help me connect with my sister, especially now that she’s in college,” Cortes said.

Jacob Massey ’25 said the game night helped him unwind after a busy week and provided much-needed relief.

“Game night helped me slow down a lot and take a break from studying,” Massey said. “I was feeling pretty stressed about a lot of upcoming tests, and I ended up going to game night to try and relax a bit. Laughter is really the best medicine, especially to something like stress, and game night was certainly full of that.”

Massey said he hopes that SLAC and the Tabletop Club host similar events in the future.

“Game night was an absolute blast, and I’m so glad that Tabletop Club is getting the support to organize events like these,” Massey said.