Stores open at Sportsmen’s Lodge


Tate Sheehy/Chronicle

New store Van Leeuwen Ice Cream offers vegan desserts. It is one of six new stores opening at The Shops at The Sportsmen’s Lodge.

Hannah Shahidi

Reformation, Roberta’s Pizza, Civil Coffee, Kismet Rotisserie, Fred Segal and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream opened new locations at The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge, a shopping and dining complex near the upper school campus, between September and December.

Eric Vartany ’24 said he enjoys having more restaurant options near the school.

“I’d love to try out Roberta’s Pizza and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream,” Vartany said. “All I’ve seen is pictures, but they seem like a great place to get something and hang out. Definitely having more options for food is a huge benefit.”

Studio City resident Maddie Hliboki ’25 said she will consider visiting the shops more often because of the new stores.

“It’s very convenient to be able to walk somewhere to get food because the cafeteria has very limited options [and] runs out of food a lot of the time,” Hliboki said. “I think I will be more inclined to go when more things open, but it’s hard to go so often when everything is very expensive there.”

Hliboki, whose club volleyball team practices at the school, said her team benefits from spending time together at the shopping center before practices.

“It’s way easier for people who play club sports because it gives people an option for food after the cafeteria closes,” Hliboki said. “Plus, people can get actual meals instead of relying on snack food before practice. I feel like it helps bond the team together because we walk down together and sometimes stay to do homework there before going back for practice.”

Jordyn Call ’23 said once she starts to have more free time and less school work, she will visit Sportsmen’s Lodge more often.

“The shops are in a really convenient place because it’s right across the street,” Call said. “And there’s a lot of variety, so it kind of just makes it easy for students to go grab lunch or go to the shopping center and just pick something up real fast. Senior workload is going to become less and I will have more free time, so I’ll definitely be using that free time to go hang out with friends at that shopping center.”