Underrated and Overrated: “Falling for Christmas”


Illustration by Amelia Chiarelli

Alden Detmer, Layout Assistant and Staff Writer

We all have that one friend or family member who starts watching Hallmark movies the day after Halloween. Lost in a world of wintry excitement, they put Christmas sweaters under their Halloween costumes and tear down the spiderwebs the next morning. Netflix’s newest holiday movie “Falling for Christmas” is perfect for that person, but it’s actually not as bad as you might think.

The story’s plot may seem eerily similar to that of 20 other movies Netflix released this winter: Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan) is the pampered daughter of Beauregard (Jack Wagner), owner of the distinguished Belmont Hotels. While at one of her father’s luxurious ski resorts, Sierra’s boyfriend, Tad Fairchild (George Young), prepares to propose on top of a mountain. Unfortunately for the newly engaged, they tumble down the slope uncontrollably and end up separated.

Meanwhile, the young widowed Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet), who is struggling to keep his small resort afloat, comes across Sierra, who has suffered memory loss due to her fall, and he brings her back to the lodge.

As the “Hallmark formula” seems to be so prevalent in Christmas movies, a good holiday rom-com must distinguish itself with superior writing quality and actor chemistry. The acting in “Falling for Christmas” is surprisingly on-point. The cast, coupled with a warm set design, meshes well together, and the on-camera energy extends behind the scenes as well, as seen through the mid-credit bloopers. Even Tad, who is supposed to be the token villain , has a light-hearted and slightly likable feel.

However, the writing is a different story. There are numerous plot holes, such as the fact that Sierra is able to remember her full morning routine but not her name, or how Jake had accidentally spilled hot chocolate on Sierra the day before but does not ever remember meeting her.

Aside from the unrealistic dialogue and superficial character development, “Falling for Christmas” excels at its purpose. The movie has a cute fluffy feel for Gen Z, it’s great at sparking nostalgia for millennials, it’s a sweet movie for Gen X and is perfect for the Baby Boomers who just want to see Lindsay Lohan return to the big screen.

Let’s be real: you aren’t watching because of the acting, storyline, music, cinematography or anything in between. You are watching because “Falling for Christmas” puts you in a great holiday mood that only comes around once a year. Put on the movie, get your hot chocolate and blankets ready because this is the perfect opportunity to relax.