Both campuses closed due to rain storms


Davis Marks/Chronicle

The school’s emergency broadcasting system notified the community at 6:20 AM that in-person instruction would be canceled Tuesday.

Davis Marks and Chloe Park

The school canceled in-person instruction on both campuses after heavy rain forced the closure of Beverly Glen Blvd. and Coldwater Canyon Ave. on Tuesday. The storm, which arrived during a heightened period of wet weather in California, flooded roads, caused mudslides and disrupted traffic. 

“With apologies for the late notice, due to ongoing local flooding in the canyons and recent closure of both Beverly Glen and Coldwater Canyon, our campuses will be closed for instruction today,” an announcement issued by the school said. 

This suspension of in-person learning due to weather conditions is the first of its kind since the Getty Fire in October 2019, according to Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo. 

Following the early-morning broadcast announcement, Head of Upper School Beth Slattery emailed students and said teachers have the option to cancel class, meet virtually on Zoom or assign asynchronous work based on their individual needs. 

“With today’s unexpected closure, some teachers will proceed with virtual or asynchronous learning, depending on the nature of the course and the lesson plan for today,” Slattery said. “Others may need to cancel classes completely. You should be hearing from each of your teachers via email, so please check your email regularly.” 

Head of Athletics Terry Barnum emailed students at both campuses a list of athletic events that will continue as scheduled despite the rain. He said any athlete who cannot attend practice or a game due to the weather conditions will be excused. 

Other extracurricular activities were affected by the rain, with the Harvard-Westlake Outreach Performers canceling a planned trip and the Theatre Department canceling rehearsal for the winter musical, “Urinetown.”