Annual Tapout Begins

Eden Conner

Prefect Council announced the beginning of Tapout on Jan. 23. Tapout is an annual all-school competition in which students eliminate their intended targets by tapping them on the back.

The Tapout Constitution, created by Prefect Council, explains that each participant will receive a target they must find and tap as they yell “out.” A recording of the interaction must be sent to the Tapout Facebook group.

Junior Prefect Isiuwa Odiase ’24 said she is excited for this year’s Tapout and looks forward to seeing how members of campus react to the challenge.

“Tapout creates an interactive environment and allows you to know more students since you get a random person,” Odiase said. “It’s fun and heightens your senses.”

Idalis McZeal ’23 said Tapout  is intense, and participants must strategize to ensure the best chances of winning. 

“You have to make sure that you don’t spread who have to anyone because news gets out quick,” McZeal said. “Lay low. Either keep a close circle of people around you, or camp out in silent study.” 

Nuzzy Sykes ’24 said he is looking forward to the daily energy Tap Out brings to campus.

“Tapout adds a lot of fun stress,” Sykes said. “You’ll be walking around school, and it’ll be like a minefield. Then you just go to class, and it’s like any other day until you walk out and you’re on full defense again.

Tap Out will officially begin Feb. 6.