Prefect Council brings Joe’s Pizza food truck


Everett Lakey/Chronicle

Students wait in line to get pizza from the Joe’s Pizza truck.

Samuel Glassman

Prefect Council brought Joe’s Pizza to campus Jan. 27 for a Food Truck Friday event. With their IDs, students were able to purchase either one slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza and a soda for $5, or two slices and a soda for $10.

Senior Prefect Aiko Offner ’23 said the process for arranging a food truck on campus calls for multiple steps to ensure the best product for students.

“Getting a food truck to come to campus first requires us to reach out to vendors, find one that can meet our needs, such as time constraint and amount of servings, and then negotiate with them to get reasonable prices so students can actually buy the food,” Offner said. “We’re also responsible for all the paperwork, so getting the contracts, certificate of insurance and payment taken care of is all part of the process in bringing the truck to campus.”

Offner said Prefect Council learns from each Food Truck Friday event and works to improve future events.

“There are definitely things we need to work on in bringing outside vendors during a lunch period with overall efficiency, and we are working to solve those issues.” Offner said.

Isaac Tiu ’24 said while he is usually apprehensive when eating from a food truck, he was excited about the Joe’s Pizza food truck.

“I’m always concerned about a food truck not being as good as the actual place, but I am really appreciative that it’s even here at all,” Tiu said. “The fact that Joe’s Pizza could come to our campus means that it’s going to be better than whatever I was expecting.”

Kayla Graiwer ’23 said Food Truck Fridays allow students to relax and have a break in their day.

“It is a fun treat that gives students at Harvard-Westlake something to look forward to each month,” Graiwer said. “It’s also a great way to support local Los Angeles restaurants.”