MUN travels to New York

Georgia Grad

The school’s Model United Nations (MUN) team traveled to New York City to attend the NHSMUN (National High School Model United Nations) conference from March 15 to March 18 . The conference put members into committees and assigned a country and debatable topic to solve.

MUN Secretary and Treasurer Jake Lancer ’24 said that this particular conference provided the team with an opportunity to apply the skills they had been working on.

“We brought some younger people with us, and they got some more opportunities and experience,” Lancer said. “They’ve been practicing a lot, so I was really excited to see them get better because I’ve been invested in their progression over the past couple of months. For myself, just the opportunity to get to go to a big conference was amazing, and I was excited to compete and just try my hardest.”

Lancer said that while team members took the conference seriously, , it was also an opportunity to spend time together as a group.

“It was a travel conference, so we stayed as a team for multiple nights together, which I think added a greater sense of community,” Lancer said. “We’ve done travel trips already this year, but not cross country.”

MUN Vice President Owen Huang ’24 said both the returning and new delegates on the MUN team are performing strongly this season.

“We’ve had a lot of success this year winning as a delegation at The University of San Diego (UCSD) , The University of Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Marymount High School,” Huang said. “We’ve also had a good amount of individual awards, and I think that in the last couple of conferences of the year, we’re going to be able to build off of that, which is pretty exciting for me. One of the main things that we try to do with MUN is just meet new people from around the country and from around the world at the conferences that we’re able to attend. A lot of these people are those you can stay in touch with long after the conference ends.”

Huang said he was especially excited for this conference because it was their biggest one of the year.

“We had a good balance of more experienced delegates and also some who’s first time it was competing in an environment like this,” Huang said. “Teams from around the world and some of the best schools were there, so we had some good competition. I think it was good to put our program on the map.”

MUN member Kate Goldberg ’25 said she is new to the team this year but has made progress as a delegate.

“Since the start of the competition season, I feel like I have improved a lot,” Goldberg said. “Just by practicing and participating in a lot of the previous conferences this year, I have been able to learn from others and grow.”