Dancers perform in “Elements” showcase in Rugby Auditorium

Amber Zhang, Layout Assistant and Staff Writer

Students in the Upper School Dance Program performed in the Elements dance concert on Mar. 10 and 11. The production featured 19 group and solo dances in a variety of styles, most of which were student-choreographed.

Upper School Performing Arts Teacher Queala Clancy said the elements of dance are important in effectively conveying emotions through the medium.

“Body, energy, action, time and space are crucial to embody and execute [a performance],” Clancy said. “As a performer, you are the vessel, and it is your job to tell the person’s story; it is your job to take on the energy and push it out.”

Shiara Navarro ’25 choreographed and performed her contemporary solo “Cardigan.” Navarro said that she felt a sense of accomplishment after completing the show.

“I was very nervous at first, because I was worried about my choreography, but everyone is so wonderful, and we were able to collaborate and work together,” Navarro said. “I am very happy with the finished result.”

Hank Schoen ’24 performed a modern-jazz solo entitled “Colors” in his first recital. Schoen said the experience was gratifying and helped him gain experience dancing in front of an audience.

“This was my first-ever show,” Schoen said. “It felt good to do, and [the performance] was like a weight off my shoulders. It helped me build confidence and comfortability on the stage.”

Clancy said that the idea of Elements was important in allowing her to support her students.

“To me, Elements is acknowledging the individual dancers and the dancers collectively,” Clancy said. “It is best to acknowledge them within their element, so how can we create this platform that allows them to embody and share what their element is.”

Arely Monterroso ’24 performed a solo entitled “My Bridge of Past to Future.” The dance was a blend of cultural dances from Latin America as well as hip-hop, created with the intention of representation and cultural awareness of dance forms from around the world.

“It feels really good to be able to represent my culture and meld it with my own style, and to be able to put that on stage and receive such good feedback from the crowd,” Monterroso said.

The second show included an award ceremony for the performers. Lauren LaPorta ’23 won an award for Outstanding Choreographer, Monterroso won an award for Dance Activism, Rachel Reiff ’25 won an award for Outstanding Performer and Schoen won an award for Commitment to Dance.