Students screen video art projects

Sabrina Hamideh, Layout Assistant and Staff Writer

Students in Honors Senior Seminar: Video Art showcased their films in an exhibition in Feldman Horn from Feb. 21 to Feb. 28. The exhibition, titled “SPECIAL TV MICROWAVE COMPUTER,” featured immersive multimedia audiovisual art installations from 17 students, all enrolled in the class.

Olivia Rahhal ’23, who presented at the exhibition, said she tried to capture students’ experiences with mental health in her installation.

“It was a documentary about how different people experience anxiety,” Rahhal said. “I interviewed 11 people and played those interviews on iPads with headphones. I hoped to capture the idea that feeling anxious is more than normal and more than that, that it looks different. I feel a lot of anxiety, and knowing that other people also feel it has helped me. The goal was to transmit that feeling to other people and to show people that no matter their circumstances, there is no wrong feeling.”

Rahhal said she put a lot of effort into the showcase and is glad that other students have had a chance to interact with the piece that she produced.

“It was a fun process, preparing for the showcase,” Rahhal said. “Our class put a lot of effort into our video projects and installations, and we all feel super proud of what we created. Knowing that I put a lot of work into this project, I was so excited to see classmates and other friends watch and interact with the final product.”

Nick Guagliano ’23 said though presenting at the showcase was frightening at first, he is glad that people liked his installation.

“For me, presenting the showcase was terrifying,” Guagliano said. “Because the [physical] structure of the piece was not the most sound, I was worried about it falling over a viewer’s head. Over the course of the week that it was up, I was making quick fixes and changes to the interior of the box. But whenever I saw people sitting inside it, I felt waves of accomplishment rush over me as there were steps throughout its creation that I did not think would work out. I felt proud when things went according to plan.”

Eva Goldrich ’25 said looking at the films at the exhibition inspired her as an artist.

“I visited the exhibition during class as well as during some lunch periods,” Goldrich said. “I liked being able to see all of the exhibitions as it was inspiring to see how creative people can be with a medium like a video. I do not think that there was one installation that I did not like. Looking at the immense detail in the exhibition, I could see how much time and hard work went into each of the installations. It was a cool, immersive experience.”