TapOut concludes

Alex Lee and Connor Tang

Tap Out, a game hosted annually at the HW Upper School by Prefect Council, concluded with a final competition hosted on the track between 11 participants with Sean Ozalpasan ’25 as the winner. The game started on Jan. 23rd and ended on March 1st.

Sophomore Prefect Daisy Pritzker ’25 said that Tap Out was an entertaining event that detracted students from the academic rigor in the spring.

“I think Tap Out is mostly for fun, but [the game] also works to cure some of the second semester blues and bring together our community for something other than strict academics,” Pritzker said.

Head Prefect Yoshimi Kimura ’23 said the school-wide game brought students of different grades and friend groups together.

“The point of Tap Out is to get people to connect with others they wouldn’t normally get the chance to meet,” Kimura said. “So while it’s entertaining, it’s also a great way to foster community.”

Kimura said despite the large number of players, some people did not participate due to the use of Facebook.

“I think there’s this myth that Facebook is harder to use or people don’t have it,” Kimura said. “I’ve felt that it’s a great tool for putting large group events together, and it’s definitely a platform largely utilized at the Upper School for many different events. “

Winner Sean Ozalpasan ’25 said his strategy was to have his friends protect him from being tapped out.

“My strategy to [win the game] was to have my friends act as bodyguards,” Ozalpasan said. “They protected me throughout the school day, and during [free periods], they helped me find my targets. I won because I don’t take L’s.”