Bari LeBari elected Head Prefect, runoff for second Head Prefect

Alexander Dinh

Prefect Council announced that Bari LeBari ’24 will serve as a Head Prefect for the 2023-2024 school year. A runoff election will take place between Glory Ho ’24, Elizabeth Johnstone ’24 and Assistant News Editor Davis Marks ’24. Since none of the other three candidates received the amount of the total vote that was required to win, a second election was required. Polls will close on April 10.

LeBari said he was overjoyed upon hearing he won the election, and he received good wishes from the community.

“Just hearing the good news, it made my day,” LeBari said. “I got a lot of love from other people texting and calling me congratulating me and everything. I’m just grateful and also really happy.”

LeBari said that as Head Prefect, he wants to be able to help the community in any way possible.

“As a Head Prefect [I plan to] be supportive, help people out and just be there for the community,” LeBari said. “The main reason why I ran was to help as many people as possible, just to support them through their daily affairs. I’m just trying to make Harvard-Westlake 1% better every single day. If you’re 1% better every day, then you’ll be a lot percent better after a bunch of days.”

The four candidates — Ho, Johnstone, Marks and LeBari – gave speeches to sophomores and juniors in Taper Gym and responded to a prepared and unprepared question on March 23. Following the speeches, sophomores and juniors were given a day to indicate their top two choices for Head Prefect.

Sophomore Prefect Ellie Borris ’25, who is on the Football and Track and Field teams with LeBari, said he appreciates how much joy LeBari brings to any situation.

“[LeBari] is one of my favorite people ever,” Borris said. “He always has such a positive outlook on everything, and he brings so much happiness and good vibes to every environment that he is in. He’s a great teammate because his loud voice makes it so you can always hear him yelling “GO TWIN” and he makes every practice more fun.”

Eric Vartany ’24 said he is always happy to see LeBari around school and that he will be a great Head Prefect.

“We all can’t wait to have [LeBari] as our Head Prefect,” Vartany said. “He is a joy to have in the community and will be the best representative of the student body. Whenever I see him around campus, he always brings a smile to my face.”