Prefect Council and Community Council host Field Day


Saisha Kumar/Chronicle

Students gather on Ted Slavin field for Field Day.

Saisha Kumar

Community Council and Prefect Council hosted the annual Field Day during lunch on Ted Slavin Field on March 24.

Field Day included a pizza food truck, barbeque food, an ice cream sundae bar, water balloon games, corn hole, spike ball and an inflatable obstacle course. Students could compete in activities to earn points for their dean group as a part of Community Service Week.

Member of Community Council Sophie Shabani ’24 said the collaborative process of organizing Field Day allowed for its success.

“The process for planning this event was super collaborative,” Shabani said. “We broke up into groups to work on different parts of it and it all came together really well.”

Shabani said she appreciated the community’s enjoyment of the event.

“Someone came up to me and said ‘This is the happiest I’ve seen Harvard-Westlake students in a long time,’” Shabani said. “That was definitely the most rewarding part.”

Reina Hewes ’25 said Field Day relieved stress from the build up of school work prior to spring break.

“My favorite part of field day was the food truck and overall just being able to relax after a long week of tests,” Hewes said.

Leo Craig ’24 said he enjoyed going into the inflatable obstacle course with other students.

“I very much enjoyed the free food and the bounce house,” Craig said. “I went with my friends after class to go on the bounce house obstacle course and that was a really fun experience.”

Craig said the activities offered at Field Day were an enjoyable way to start Spring Break.

“Jumping around that bounce house with my friends felt like the beginning of freedom and lack of work that I had to do and the beginning of spring break to me,” Craig said.