Water polo goes into homecoming undefeated after win against Santa Margarita

Elijah Akhtarzad

The boys’ water polo team beat Santa Margarita 16-3 Tuesday, continuing their undefeated 7-0 season going into Homecoming weekend.

The Wolverines took the upper hand quick in the first quarter when they scored four goals, while goalie Anthony Ridgley ’15 did not give up a single goal. It wasn’t until the second quarter when the Eagles scored, but by half time the Wolverines were up 8-0. Attacker Johnny Hooper ’15 led the team in points with seven goals, four of which were in the fourth quarter.

“This game was to refine our skills, but we still treated it as a serious game,” set Felix Broyzna-Viliam ’17 said. “It’s great to be going into Homecoming with a win.”