Prefect Council hosts Spring Market event


Printed with permission of Shauna Altieri

Chiara Umekubo ’23 sold stickers at her Spring Market booth. Similar to the Winter Market in December, the Spring Market allowed students to purchase a variety of homemade items.

Everett Lakey

Prefect Council held the Spring Market, where students sold homemade food and goods, on the Quad on May 11. The market consisted of 14 tables for students to purchase items using Venmo and cash.

Natasha Clement ’24, who sold jewelry at the market, said she enjoyed sharing her crafts with the community.

“I sold handmade resin jewelry, and each piece had hand-pressed flowers inside, all of them real,” Clement said. “I think there were fewer people at the spring market than the winter market, which had its own pros and cons, but I did sell a couple of things and it was also nice getting to display all the pieces that I make. I [also] always have fun just seeing what everyone else has created.”

Bianca Calvillo ’23 said she decided to sell portraits instead of the crocheted hats she sold at the Winter Market.

“At the winter market, I sold crochet hats, and when the spring market was announced, I knew I wanted to sell something again,” Calvillo said. “Because I didn’t have as much time on my hands as I did last time, I planed to sell $1 portraits that I drew live with crayons. Since the portraits were going to be drawn at lunch and at break, I decided to make them more cartoonish and realistic because of time limitations.” 

Calvillo, who sold over 10 portraits, said she greatly appreciated her peers’ enthusiasm about her art, and that the fair gave her a special opportunity to interact with members of the community.

“Even though it might not seem like a lot, I enjoyed being able to bring a smile to my peers’ faces when they saw themselves as a cartoon,” Calvillo said. “I would say that half of my customers were my friends and others were people I hadn’t really talked to before.”