Team competes in CIF Finals, captures 7th league title

Bennett Gross

After capturing the Mission League title for the seventh year in a row, the girls’ varsity tennis team is preparing for the CIF Individuals tournament after success in preliminary CIF matches.

Of the eight league matches this season, the squad fell only to Marlborough in a close 10-8 battle.

The Wolverines sent their top two singles players and doubles teams to compete in the first round of CIF playoffs.

While the CIF journey was cut short for the two singles players Sophie Cohen ’17 and Lara Mikhail ’18 in the first round, both doubles teams continued to the second round of CIF.

Jenna Moustafa ’17 and Juliana Simon ’16 advanced with an easy win.

Co-captain duo Arin Schwimmer ’15 and Paige Moelis ’15 won their match in an upset against Marlborough’s top doubles team last week.

“Arin and I started crying because we were so happy,” Moelis said. “We’ve seen our opponent every year, and we’ve never been able to defeat her and her partner, so it was a nice way to end our senior year.”

Head coach Chris Simpson strategically paired the team’s top singles player Moustafa with Simon to create a powerhouse doubles team with the squad’s top two players. Schwimmer and Moelis were not expected to qualify.

“I think Jenna and I make a really strong team and work very well together,” Simon said. “We are both aggressive at the baseline and at net, so I think that allows us to feed off of each other’s shots. We also have a lot of fun playing together, which is important.”

The two Harvard-Westlake doubles teams went head to head in the second round of CIF. Moustafa and Simon won both sets 6-0, but both teams performed well enough to qualify for CIF Individuals.

“The past couple of years have been tough for me since I have been injured,” Simon said. “So this season has given me a lot of confidence moving forward and into individuals.”

The Wolverines will play in CIF Individuals Nov. 24 in Claremont.