Jazz band performs at Vibrato

Jake Saferstein

Jazz students performed at Vibrato Grill Jazz for four hours Sunday night. Vibrato Grill Jazz was founded by seven time Grammy winner Herb Alpert and hosts daily jazz performances during its dinner service.

“We like Vibrato because of the beautiful location and amazing venue,” upper school performing arts teacher Shawn Costantino, who organizes the performance annually to showcase the jazz students, said.

Advanced Jazz Combo and the Jazz Explorers, the two highest-level jazz bands at the school, performed at the grill.

“I organize it to give the students extra opportunities to perform because they work so hard in class and I feel they deserve to be heard,” Costantino said.

It was Advanced Jazz Combo’s first performance of the year, while the Jazz Explorers performed at Back to School day and the all-school convocation. Alex Lange ’14, Ben Greene ’14, Harrison Banner ’15, Jeremy Tepper ’15, Sinclair Cook ’14 and Vincent Huang ’14 performed in Advanced Jazz Combo. Andy Arditi ’15, Bridget Hartman ’15, Jason Oberman ’15, Matt Leichinger ’14, Miles Van Tongeren ’16 and Robert Lee ’14  performed in Jazz Explorers.