Glass blower visits arts department

Scott Nussbaum

Glass blower and sculptor Sarah Gilbert visited the upper school campus Nov. 18 and discussed her work with glass, embroidery and photography during fifth period.

Gilbert attended graduate school at Brown University for glass sculpting, and her work has been showcased in museums across the country, including the Chrysler Museum of Art in Virginia. In addition to her college studies, Gilbert spent three months at the Glass Center of America in New Jersey working with glass and sculptures.

“My main inspiration is 16th century Venetian glass,” Gilbert said. “That is really the period in which glass blowing was at its height.”

Gilbert has created exhibits integrating the shape of body parts into common pieces of silverware, placing vases inside other vases and modeling an apple tree found outside her grandmother’s house.

“I saw that you can find mediums for art everywhere you look,” Amber Shooshani ’15 said. “Even if it may be an unexpected place, like finding the texture of a knuckle on a fork.”