Choirs sing at LA Phil gathering

Siddarth Kucheria

Chamber Singers and Jazz Singers performed at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Committee Christmas party at the California Club Dec. 14. They sang songs from the Winter Choral Concert, which was the night before. Approximately 75 people attended the performance. The singers performed last year, and it has since become an annual event.

“The concert went really well,” chamber Singer Alex Berman ’14 said. “The atmosphere was so festive, and we’re fresh out of our winter concert so we knew exactly what we needed to replicate and what we needed to fix.”

As a section leader, Berman tried to create a more relaxing environment for the other singers.
“I understand how nerve-wracking singing in a new environment can be, and we perform better when we are more relaxed,” she said.

“They make a donation to our scholarship fund,” performing arts teacher Rodger Guerrero said. “These are the most influential music powerbrokers in all of Los Angeles so it’s a pretty important event.”