Student Choir Groups Star in “Lights, Cabaret, Action!”

Angela Chon

Bel Canto, Chamber Singers, and Wolverine Chorus performed in the biennial cabaret show, Lights, Cabaret, Action! on May 23, 24 in Rugby Auditorium at 7 p.m. The Hollywood movie themed cabaret was divided into two acts, both of which opened with the HW Jazz Singers. The show featured solos from Daniel Davila performing “Kiss from a Rose”, Tara Joshi performing “Over the Rainbow”, Benny Wiesman performing “Pure Imagination”, Shelby Weiss performing “Don’t Rain on my Parade”, Aiyana White performing “Stormy Weather”, Arden Williams performing “Let It Go”, and Adam Yaron performing “Singin’ In the Rain”. Bel Canto choir performed “Build Me Up, Buttercup” and “Cups” as well as “Cinemagic I” and “Down to the River to Pray” in a combined choir with Chamber Singers, Wolverine Chorus, and HW Jazz Singers. Chambers Singers performed “As Time Goes By” and “Hallelujah”. “It was really fun and really interesting because we got to sing in completely different styles of Hollywood,” Elizabeth Edel ’16 said. “It was really interesting, with the classic Hollywood style for ‘As Times Goes By’ and the more pop influence for ‘Hallelujah’. It was really nice to sing with the seniors, who are all going away and it was really bonding.” Wolverine Chorus performed “The Pink Panther” and the theme song from “James Bond”. “It went really smoothly,” Matthew Jung ’16 said. “I thought it was one of our best performances that we did on stage. [Pink Panther] was really fun. It was a great song to sing, but the dances were a little goofy, but it’s fun and entertaining to the crowd. We sang the [James Bond] theme song and we were dancing and we were supposed to look very slick and serious.” The show also featured duets and small groups of singers from all three choirs. “I was most excited for my little solo,” Lauralee Harper ’16 said. “I wasn’t singing, but I was a vignette. It was such an amazing show and I loved the enthusiasm all the performers had on stage and off stage. Everyone was so positive backstage. And I was just a regular Bel Canto singer, but it was very fun.”