Get Lit Players slam poetry group performs for sophomores during class meeting

Adam Yu

The Get Lit Players, a slam poetry team in Los Angeles, performed during sophomore class meeting Sept. 28.

The Get Lit players hoped to spark student interest in slam poetry.

They also wanted to recruit new members for the Harvard-Westlake slam poetry team.

Additionally, students who are interested in pursuing slam poetry outside of school can audition to become a Get Lit Player.

Hannah Dains ’16, one of the Get Lit Players, opened the assembly with one of her slam poems.

Students can audition to become a Get Lit Player Oct. 10 at the Get Lit headquarters while auditions for the Harvard-Westlake slam poetry team are in November.

No prior experience is necessary to audition.

“I myself had only been doing slam for three months before I auditioned,” Dains said. “When I was a sophomore, I auditioned for the school slam team, and we performed at the Classic Slam, which is hosted by Get Lit. The founder of Get Lit asked me to audition to be a Get Lit player.”

As a result of the slam poetry performance, some sophomores are considering slam poetry as an extracurricular activity.

“I thought it was awesome,” Chase Rosenblatt ’18. “Potentially, I would like to join the team. I didn’t know what it was before, and I would definitely think of it as an option now.”