Batchler ’13 to appear on 6th ‘Glee’ season

Sacha Lin

Viewers will see Cory Batchler ’13 in the band when the sixth season of the Fox television series “Glee” airs in early 2015, but they will not hear what he is playing.

He was cast in a paid role as the bassist for the Glee band after attending an audition open to students at the USC Thornton School of Music, where Batchler majors in popular music. Students were notified of the audition in an email.

During filming, the members of the “Glee” band play the songs that the actors perform, but the audio is not recorded.

“It’s like I’m in the band, but I’m not actually playing music,” Batchler said. “They play a track and we know the songs, so we know what to play. We’re actually playing everything. We just are not plugged in, so we aren’t actually heard.”

About once a week, Batchler attends filming sessions that tend to last the entire day. He never knows what the schedule will be before he arrives at the set.

“Some days I’ll show up and then I’m immediately thrown into costume and then I’m just on set the entire day doing take after take of the same thing,” Batchler said. “And then some days I’ll get there and they’ll have me wait for a few hours before they actually need me, so I never really know what to expect until I get there. They don’t know what to expect until they start filming, and schedules get changed all the time. It’s a very evolving process.”

Although Batchler is not allowed to approach the actors, he has met several of the them because they are allowed to approach him.

“It’s just pretty cool to be there and know that what you’re doing today is going to be seen by a lot of people,” Batchler said. “Even if I’m just in the background of a few shots, it’s still really cool because I’m going to be on TV.”