Students to perform in annual holiday choral concert

Pim Otero

Choral students may dedicate the annual holiday concert, “Gloria: Rejoice & Sing” to the memory of science teacher Jim Brink, who died Nov. 12. The concert will take place at the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica Dec. 12. The men’s Wolverine Chorus, women’s Bel Canto, mixed-gender Chamber Singers and Jazz Singers will perform. The opening song, “Sing! O Sing!” will be sung by all-female students, and the concert will close with the songs “Gloria” and “Peace, Peace,” sung by all choirs.

Guerrero began planning for the concert in June.

“We have to do so much shifting around, and we have so many various instruments accompanying some of the groups, so taking them on and off takes a lot of time,” performing arts teacher Rodger Guerrero said.

All choirs have been rehearsing since the beginning of the school year. After school rehearsals at the First Presbyterian Church will begin the week of the performance.

“The rehearsals help us improve not only our knowledge of the repertoire but our technique as singers and performers,” Kelly Morrison ’16 said. “In the concert, what we showcase is the technique we’ve cultivated through music.”

Throughout the concert, student instrumentalists will accompany the choirs. In the concert finale, ‘Gloria,’ additional professional instrumentalists from the University of Southern California will join the choirs.

“[‘Gloria’ is] a great piece. Ask the kids, they love it already,” Guerrero said. “It’s just very uplifting, very energetic, loud brass— you know, everybody loves loud brass. It’s just got a positive spin on it.”