Senior releases first five-song EP on iTunes

Jean Sanders

Elizabeth Goran ’15 released a five-song EP album on iTunes Sept. 26.

“Fight” is listed in the pop category, and its songs include “Undone,” “Make it Last,” “Fight,” “We Could Be” and “At the End of the Day.” Goran booked the studio months in advance and had two days to record all five songs, requiring her to record for 12 hours each day.

The EP took a month to mix, in which Goran met with an engineer who perfected the sound of each song. After the EP was mixed, it took three days to master.

“Seeing all the hard work culminate in such an amazing final product is truly incredible, and I’m so happy with the final product,” Goran said.

Goran attended the NYU Summer Songwriters workshop, a program for songwriters from around the world to attend classes aimed at improving songwriting skills. There, she was mentored and taught by Grammy nominee Phil Gadston, singer-songwriter Maia Sharp and songwriter and producer Barry Eastmond, who listened to her songs and gave her constructive criticism.

Attendees at the workshop were given specific songwriting assignments that they collaborated to write. Goran wrote her song “Undone” at the workshop, which is featured on her EP.

She wrote the song along with a college sophomore and a high school senior. Writers who attended the workshop learned songwriting, and also about various aspects of the music business. Professionals from performing rights organizations spoke to the attendees about copyright law and music licensing.