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12 acts in 13 quotes

13 students talk about the 12 plays they wrote to be performed April 24-26 at the Playwrights’ Festival.

Sabrina Batchler ’15
“Bromeo and Julius”
“It is a parody of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ but it’s the bromance version in which the two characters are separated because their parents catch them smoking weed together.”

Covi Brannan ‘15
“In Passing”
“We wanted to explore how over the course of four years, people change. Also, how outside pressure, as well as pressure from your friends and your own insecurities, affect your relationships with people and prevent you from interacting with them.”

Sydney Concoff ’15
“In Passing”
“Our play follows a group of friends and their four years through high school, and it’s about their relationships, both romantically and platonically, and that they impact their actions, thoughts and feelings.”

Hannah Dains ’16
“Followers of Osiris”
“A group of high school students who aren’t necessarily friends all meet up somewhat accidentally and end up finding some solace in each other.”

Jessica Dickman ’17
“Never Swipe Right”
“It’s about two teenagers who meet on the app Tinder, and they fall in love. But they find out in the end that everything they thought about each other was not how it seemed.”

Jared Gentile ’16
“A Little Help from My Friend”
“My play is about two kids graduating high school, and they are about to leave for college. It’s a lot about moving on from childhood, accepting loss and trying to find meaning in the passing of time.”Sammi Handler ’17
“Rest in Peace”
“My play takes place at a funeral for the main character’s uncle, and the funeral just goes into chaos. The main character’s sister has to have a mouse for a science project, and she loses it there, so the protagonist has to go find it. It’s a funny play despite the title.”

Jacob Goodman ’15
“Fresh Air”
“It is the story of two brothers on vacation who are sitting outside their hotel contemplating whether their parents are having sex inside. It’s about the nature of how there’s a difference between what we think, what we know and what actually is.”

Kenneth Noble ’16
“Man Up”
“During a personal crisis, Owen must face and measure the myths of manhood and his place in the world.”

Laurel Rand-Lewis ’16
“My play is about high school twins in an acting class, Quincy and Alex, and how their sibling relationship is strained when Quincy falls in love with one of the boys in the class, Leo.”

Dylan Schifrin ’16
“The Exceptional Childhood Center”
“My play is about a highly competitive preschool. There’s a new kid who comes to this preschool, and he really wants to fit in.”

Chloe Shi ’16
“Who am I this time?”
“The main character of my play is a girl who wakes up in a different archetypal functional universal each day… She’s trying to figure out what is her role in the story, what is her role in life and who she really is.”

Marianne Verrone ’15
“The Gates”
“My play is about four different souls meeting in purgatory, and they are all from different time periods. They all discuss their previous lives and the afterlife. The greater themes are being worried about not knowing things and being worried about the future.”

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12 acts in 13 quotes