Advanced Performance Studies to perform 100-character production ‘Under Milk Wood’ with 13 actors, 1 prop

Liz Yount

Advanced Performance Studies will present Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milk Wood” in the Drama Lab May 31 at 4 p.m.

Performing arts teacher Ted Walch will direct the play, and no tickets are required.

“Under Milk Wood” was originally an 80-minute radio drama. However, Walch said that the class spent all semester rehearsing a fully-staged version.

Walch has directed this play nearly 30 times. He said that there will be no props or scenery other than one stool.

“This is first time I have done [‘Under Milk Wood’] where all actors are on stage the whole time,” Walch said. “No one leaves the stage, and this is the first time where I’ve done it where I have girls play some boys’ roles and boys play some girls’ roles.”

There are 100 characters in the play, and Walch hopes that having the actors each play multiple roles will provide them with a variety of material.

“It’s such a delicious mix of humor, poignancy and some of the most amazingly rich poetic language you’re likely ever to find, and I want these actors to get their mouths around these delicious words and really make them soar,” Walch said. “It’s a very demanding text. This is truly AP theatre. This is not for weaklings.”

Although he is sad that this will be the senior’s last school performance together, Walch said that he wishes them the best in the future.

Noah Bennett ’15 also said that he is looking forward to the show.

Bennett said he is excited for the cast to address the audience directly with the narration, or break the fourth wall.

“I’m very excited because this is kind of our master class performance,” Bennett said. “The material we are working with is very complicated. We’ve all been working together for many years, so this is a great way for us to go out.”

The cast is Sabrina Batchler ’15, Noah Bennett ’15, Covi Brannan ’15, Brianna Cooper ’15, Will Hariton ’15, Teddy Leinbach ’15, Kristen Lynem-Wilson ’15, Delilah Napier ’15, Claire Nordstrom ’15, Julia Safir ’15, Oliver Sanderson ’15, Cameron Victor ’15 and Autumn Witz ’15.