Don’t worry, be happy, wear stickers

David Gisser

Maddie Lear ’13 and Mariel Brunman ’13 started the Happiness Club to brighten students’ days through fun and unique events.

“Our purpose is to do random, awesome things that make people around campus happy,” Lear said.

Lear came up with the idea during a college tour last spring, where she was inspired by Northwestern University’s happiness club.

“The original happiness club comes from Northwestern, but Maddie and I are putting our own spin on things,” Brunman said.

Lear and Brunman are already planning a wide array of events, such as Bubble Day, where students can blow bubbles in the quad, and Mustache Mondays, where they will pass out fake mustaches to the entire campus.

“Everyone is so stressed out all the time,” Lear said. “Why not have a good time while we can?”

The club has around 100 members and counting, however they hope to include the entire student body and faculty.

“[Our events] are for the entire community,” Brunman said. “In some ways, anyone that chooses to partake in Happiness Club shenanigans will be a member.”

Lear and Brunman aim to “make everyone smile just a bit, so hopefully they can proceed with their day in higher spirits,” Brunman said.

With math teacher Kanwaljit Kochar as their faculty sponsor and Dean Peter Silberman as their team captain, the club will meet during break a few times throughout the year to brainstorm events.

Brunman said their mission is “to increase the happiness and decrease the tension around school.”

“We can all feel like kids for a while and just have a good time,” Lear said.