Sophomore guest stars on ‘Criminal Minds’

Sara Evall

Delilah Napier ’15 made her first appearance on television as a guest star on the CBS show Criminal Minds in the episode “All That Remains.”

Napier’s father is a former writer on the show, she said. They know the writer and executive producer of the episode, Erica Messer, and she knew the cast of the show as a child. She is now interested in acting and was in the fall production of the “Cherry Orchard.”

Napier arranged a meeting between herself and the casting director of “Criminal Minds.” Napier said she thought it was going to be a general meeting just to get to know each other, but the casting director told Napier that she could read for a part in an upcoming episode.

“They gave me the script and I had to cold read,” Napier said. “Then they put me on film, and later that night I found out I got the job. In retrospect, I’m happy because I didn’t think I was auditioning and would have been more nervous.”

The episode centered on the investigation of Bruce Morrison played by actor Ken Olin, a writer whose wife had gone missing, and exactly one year later, both of his daughters had disappeared. Napier played his younger daughter, Katie Morrison, and his older daughter, Sarah Morrison, was played by Sophi Bairley.

Napier said she enjoyed working with Bairley, Olin and the rest of the cast. She worked with two of the main cast members in a scene, and saw the rest at a read through.

“All the main actors were very sweet, and I knew them when I was very little,” Napier said. “Matthew Gray Gubler [Spencer Reid] and Shemar Moore [Derek Morgan] were great.”

Napier said she enjoyed watching the episode when it aired on Feb. 6, although since her character was found dead in the episode, there were some strange aspects to it.

“It was weird to see myself dead and it was scary watching yourself on film. It’s much more of a director’s medium, not as much is up to the actor.

Total filming for the episode lasted four days for Napier.

Napier found a new experience in the world of film acting.

“I loved filming it,” Napier said. “It was a great learning experience because I had only done theater acting at school. It’s a completely different medium that I want to pursue.”