Gaulke wins CCF Fellowship for Visual Arts

Ellis Becker

Upper School Visual Arts Head Cheri Gaulke won the California Community Foundation Fellowship for Visual Arts award for a successful career in performance art.

The award, funded by the CCF, has provided artists funds to build their careers since 1988. The foundation has given $2.5 million to over 250 artists working in Los Angeles. Gaulke was one of 22 winners that will receive a grant from the foundation.

“I feel deeply honored to receive this award,” Gaulke said. “I got the call in the middle of shooting a film project, and we were working very hard, and when I heard I just started crying, it made all the hard work worth it.”

As well as receiving the award, she was granted $20,000 for future projects. Gaulke said she will use the grant as an opportunity to step back and take a look at what she is really passionate about.