Community Council kicks off year with retreat

Aaron Lyons

Community Council went on their first retreat, visiting  venues across Los Angeles. The trip started with dinner at Maria’s, an Italian restaurant near campus. Students then ventured to a trampoline park in Woodland Hills, and a bowling alley in Studio City.  Finally the council headed back to school for teambuilding games. The activities lasted into the night, and most students did not get to sleep until around 4:00 AM.

“We had to make sure to wake up by 7:00 AM so we wouldn’t be woken up by the deans,” said Theo Davis ’13, one of the three heads of Community Council.

In previous years, Community Council never held retreats. The idea was finally brought up and put forward when many of last years’ applicants suggested a retreat.  Community Council members are assigned partners to work and bond with, but they typically have ended up working and bonding only with their partners, so the retreat was thought of as a way for students to develop relationships with all of their fellow Council members and urge them to collaborate with each other on more projects.

“We felt like the class would work better together if we all got to know each other beforehand,” Davis said.

Though most students received a scant three hours of sleep, the retreat was deemed “a successful bonding experience.”