New faces on campus: Caroline Miller

Haley Finkelstein

After teaching Freshman Composition, Intro to Poetry, and Intro to Literary Studies at the University of Michigan, former professor Caroline Miller will begin this school year as a new Upper School English teacher.

“I got an award in my kindergarten English class called ‘The Rip Roaring Reader,’” Miller said. “My grandpa still calls me that.”

This award solidified her decision to pursue English as a career, she said.

“Being an English teacher just lets me keep doing that the rest of my life.”

Miller moved to Michigan from Columbus, Ohio to attend the University of Michigan and stayed to teach there once she graduated.

“The best part about a classroom is being with people who have all read the same book and want to talk about it together.”

Miller’s favorite book to teach is “The Hunger Games.” “The Hunger Games” also happened to be the Middle School’s all-community summer-read in 2011.

“I’ve taught ‘The Hunger Games’ the past couple years and this year we were actually able to read it and then go to the movie and compare and contrast the two,” Miller said.