International journal publishes teacher’s paper

Sara Evall

Upper School science teacher Dr. Antonio Nassar published his fifty-fifth research paper on quantum mechanics in the International Journal of Physics.

His paper is about dissipation in quantum mechanics, or friction at the microscopic level.

Nassar’s paper, “Time-Dependent Gaussian Solution for the Kostin Equation Around Classical Trajectories,” went through a review process in which an editor and two to three physicists edited his work and decided that his work  was both accurate and meaningful prior to being submitted. Physicists replicate an author’s experiments and compare the results to ensure its accuracy.

“You have several models and out of these models people will do experiments,” Nassar said. “They test for which theory makes more sense. It’s sort of something that motivates further discussions, it motivates experimenters like physicists to carry out the experiments guided by some assumptions.”

A few of Nassar’s papers have been published with his former Harvard-Westlake students.

“School is a great place to inspire, and the course I teach, SSR, studies in scientific research, is a great environment just to keep me thinking about new ideas,” Nassar said. “It just makes me very happy to have a chance to witness and to see students thinking and coming up with an idea.”

Nassar does most of his work on papers at UCLA during every summer.

He has worked both independently and collaboratively with students, as well as with colleagues and friends on his physics papers.

Nassar said that to him, enthusiasm and passion are especially important in his classes and his own work.

“In my view, I find that one of the most important things in teaching is inspiring your students to do things,” he said. “I don’t think anyone will question that motivation and inspiration are essential in the academic world, especially teaching.”