Alumnus launches political discussion website before election

Eojin Choi

Austin Sherman ’12 launched his website thepoliticalparty last week after finishing new features such as the “Party,” “The Soapbox,” and “Challenges.” These features improve communication between the website users.

When Sherman created the website last year, only the election correlation quiz was ready.

The quiz matches up the user’s political views with those of the candidates to make pemore informed before voting.

“It took us a while to find the right people who were talented and patient enough to really try and create something awesome and ground breaking,” Sherman said.

With the help of a technology company in Australia that specializes in the field of virtual room creation, he was able to add the “Party” rooms that can be created for candidates to use for fundraisers and for political and social information sessions.

Users can choose avatars after taking the quiz to enter into any of the rooms, which also can stream content and broadcast live to participants.

Another feature that will be available before the election is “The Soapbox,” a specific type of room where all the participants can broadcast themselves live to the room instead of having avatars.

The last new feature is “Challenges,” quizzes that are more in-depth on specific issues like healthcare and the environment.

Sherman plans to keep updating his site, with voting data for every Congressman and local representative,  so that people will continue to stay involved with politics year round.

“Working on the site has definitely gotten me far more involved in politics,” Sherman said. “But the main thing I have gained is a better understanding of the entrepreneurial field and a skill set that I hope will be the foundation of future projects.”