Coldwater Canyon entrances re-open, Hacienda Drive closure restricts left turns

Elizabeth Madden

Students can no longer turn left onto Hacienda Drive from Coldwater Canyon due to construction, but two entrances have been opened to ease the flow of traffic.

The main gate at Harvard-Westlake Driveway is open to both northbound and southbound traffic, and students can still turn right or left from Hacienda onto Coldwater.

This change has helped ease traffic in the area somewhat, Director of Campus Operations J.D. De Matte said.

The Coldwater pipeline project, which has now been going on for more than two years, is scheduled to be completed during the upcoming year.

“They’re telling me February or March of 2013 they’ll be 100% off of Coldwater Canyon. There are other phases of the project, but Coldwater will look like Coldwater Canyon again, and you can take that almost to the bank,” De Matte said. “If I had to guess I’d say we’d be looking more at June or July, if I had to bet my own money on it.

“With the DWP, no matter what they tell you, they’re going to be four to six months, if not longer, delayed. It’s just the way the bureaucracy works, and it’s a shame,” he said.

De Matte also said that the effect the construction has had on campus has been less than expected.

“For what we’ve been thrown at with DWP, I think we did an amazing job of getting people in and out for day-to-day operations, special events, and athletic events,” he said. “I really have to give it to my security boys for working their tails off out there.”