SciBowl to compete against teachers

David Lim

The Science Bowl team will take on five teachers in a student-teacher competition tomorrow in Ahmanson Lecture Hall during activities period.

SciBowl team members Anser Abbas ’14, David Lim ’13, Arianna Lanz ’13, Rhett Gentile ’13 and Kevin Zhang ’14 will face science teachers Jesse Reiner, Dietrich Schuhl, Wendy Van Norden, Karen Hutchison and Yanni Vourgourakis. 

Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas and Chief Financial Officer Rob Levin made a bet on the outcome of the competition, Science Bowl Club President Kenneth Kim ’13 said.

If the students win, Levin will throw a pie in Barzdukas’ face but if the teachers win, Barzdukas will get to “pie” Levin.

Since Science Bowl usually spends the entire year planning for only one official competition in February, Kim came up with the idea for this competition last year as a way to sharpen the team’s skills, attract new members, and entertain the student body, he said.

The students and teachers will compete in rounds composed of 15 toss-up questions, similar to quiz bowl. To answer each question a team member must buzz in before a member of the opposite team and, if the team member answers the four-point toss-up question correctly, the team as a whole will also receive a 10-point bonus question.

SciBowl team members advertised for the upcoming competition this past week by putting up posters around campus of pictures of student-teacher pairs, and Kim is looking forward to the competition.

“I wanted this to become sort of a yearly thing where every year, the students and teachers would compete for a tiny, insignificant trophy that would live in the science office if the teachers won and Chalmers hallway if the students did,” Kim said. “Hopefully, this does become a yearly or biyearly tradition that brings the school community together to laugh and cheer as one.”