School hires receptionist

Jessica Lee

Her name appears in students’ inboxes at least once a week, but many have yet to meet Lynn Miller, the new receptionist who, among other things, sends out the daily bulletin.

Miller has replaced Mitzi Delgado as the receptionist.

Miller found out about the job opening through Michelle Bracken, a close friend and Assistant to the Head of Upper School, though she had always been aware of Harvard-Westlake.

On college visits, she said, everyone knew about Harvard-Westlake, and its reputation made an impression on her.

“It has an all-around wonderful reputation,” Miller said. It had always interested me. There is a warmth here that is unbelievable that permeates the whole campus and emanates from the upper administration. It is a great place to work and go to school. All the teachers are engaged and all the students are delightful.”

Miller hopes to continue  working here for some time.

As her sons are now both in college, she has more time to devote to a full-time job, she said.